Monday, December 31, 2012

and so it begins

Hello. This is not really a "blog" and I am not really a blogger. I just wanted to use this spot to post pictures of my progress on the 2013 Crazy Quilt Journal Project Challenge. I thought it might make it easier for me to keep track of my progress. With any luck no one will ever find this except perhaps those also involved in the challenge.
I have this beautiful friend, well, she isn't here on earth anymore, but her memory lives on in so many. I have been meaning to make this crazy quilt in her honor and for her little girl, whom she left behind when her daughter was just 3 months old. I've been trying to begin this process for years, too many to count right now, and I had made myself a promise that after the holidays this year that I would start. Then I read about and saw the pictures for the 2012 CQJP Challenge and it just seemed like the commitment I needed for this process. So here I go, beginning the process of making what I hope will be a lovely piece of Victorian inspired art that gives my friend's little girl a brief look at her Mom's life when I knew her and our memories of her.
Thanks for looking in.